How Do You Know if You’re Ready to Sell Your Business?

Perhaps one of the more difficult aspects of business ownership is determining when you will part ways with it. These days, not as many entrepreneurs run a business their whole life before leaving it to the next in kin, which was more common in older times. Whether you choose to cease business ownership altogether or … Read more

Construction Business

Six Reasons Why It’s a Good Idea to Sell A Business in the Construction Trade

If you have a business that’s related to the construction trade, this is the perfect opportunity to sell. The business world can be very cutthroat and unpredictable, the right move at the right moment can mean the difference between financial success and failure.

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Steps to Make Your Business More Appealing to a Buyer

In order to sell your business, you need to put in some work. You can get the most possible money for your company when you take some simple steps during the selling process. Here are the steps to make your business more appealing to a buyer:

Professionals Discussing Selling a Business

Find the Right Buyer When Selling Your Business

Hallmark Business Brokers wants to help you find the right buyer when selling your business. Our entire mission centers around you getting the most out of buying/selling a business, which is no simple task. Here are four suggestions for finding the right buyer:

Franchised Coffee Business

5 Reasons Why Franchised Businesses are Great Businesses to Buy

So you are looking to become an entrepreneur? There are many options available to you: starting your own business, buying another business, or franchise with an established company. Franchising is on the rise because it is a proven format for businesses to use when expanding. It provides people who do not know how to start … Read more


The Market is Good if You Want to Sell Your Plumbing/HVAC Business

Now is a good time to sell these types of businesses because there are plenty of buyers. Despite the COVID pandemic, essential services like plumbing have experienced great business, whereas other industries more vulnerable to lockdown and reduced patronage have suffered tremendously.

Woman Starting a Business

It’s Time to Start Your Own Business…and Business is Good!

Oscar Wilde once remarked that “All of us are standing in the mud, but some of us are looking toward the stars.” The monotony that makes up day to day life seems to be never-ending. We all have dreams and long for being something more than just a cog in a machine. It’s time to … Read more

Selling a Business

Do You Have What It Takes to Own Your Own Business?

There are several reasons so many Americans want to own their own business. Are you one of them and do you possess these critical traits that would allow you to be able to do so?

How the Market Changed in the Favor of Small Businesses

The market is always changing and evolving. Recently, the market has changed in favor of small businesses. Learn more about this change by continuing on.

Buying or Selling a Business

Bridging the Way to Successful Sales

Hallmark Business Brokers offers pertinent information below to those thinking about selling their businesses within the next two years. It is crucial to start considering the factors below at the present time in order to bridge the way to successful sales.