Purchasing Struggling Business in Sarasota (2)

Purchasing a Struggling Business in Sarasota

Just because a business is struggling doesn’t mean it can’t be profitable. If you’re interested in buying a business, selecting one that is struggling can be a way to maximize your profits. Here are tips for purchasing a struggling business. The first thing you need to do is find a business to purchase. There are … Read more

Business Valuation

What are the Five Reasons Business Owners Need to Get a Valuation?

It’s easy for business owners to get lost in the day-to-day operations of their companies. So they often overlook a significant component of their overall financial health and wealth – the value of their business. Knowing the value of your business is incredibly important as there are several occasions where having a formal valuation of … Read more


Reasons You Want to Buy a Business

Do you often dream about owning a company but seem to push the very thought aside time after time? Well, today is the day to stop all your daydreaming and get very serious about making the fantasy a reality. Hallmark Business Brokers provides great reasons why you’ll want to buy a business.

As a Seller, Focus on the Positives

As a Seller, Focus on the Positives

A lot goes into selling a business. If you own a company and want to sell it, focusing on the positives can help you sell your business as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Keep reading for five ways sellers can focus on positives.

Franchised Coffee Business

Tips for Purchasing an Existing Business

Are you interested in owning a business, but don’t want to start a new business from the ground up? If that is the case, you can buy an existing business. Here are some tips on how to do so.

Attracting Buyers to Business

3 Strategies for Attracting Prospective Buyers to Your Business

When it comes time to sell your business, you want your company to be as attractive to buyers as possible. Not only does this increase your chance of selling your business fast and for the price you want, but it also provides you with a selection of potential buyers that you can choose from to … Read more


2023 is a Great Time to Sell Your Business

It’s been remarked before that the business world is one of the opposites. There are quite a lot of its and downs, ebb and flow, and most importantly, buying and selling. With 2023 finally here, making the move to sell your business might be the most important decision you make. Today, we explore why this … Read more

Small Business

Top 3 Considerations for Obtaining a Small Business Loan

Do you want to start a new business and need financial assistance to get things moving? Perhaps you already own a successful enterprise, but would like more money for an expansion project. Regardless of your business purposes, there are multiple ways to obtain financing, including loans from the Small Business Association (SBA).


Life After Selling Your Business: What to Consider and What Comes Next

So, what’s life like after selling your business? This is a question all dedicated entrepreneurs will have to face, someday, if ever they decide to retire or move onto a new idea. Of course, it can be joyful and melancholic simultaneously, depending on the circumstances. Here, we’d like to touch on some things you should … Read more

Woman on Phone Thinking

When You’re Selling Your Business, Be Sure to Expect the Unexpected!

No matter how much you try to prepare, you need to remember that trying to sell a business is an unpredictable endeavor. Additionally, it’s also a difficult task if you go it alone, especially considering statistics state that 30 to 40% of businesses never sell. Luckily, many companies can hire a business broker like the … Read more