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Think Like a Buyer When Selling Your Business

Selling a business is most times a fairly complicated and drawn-out process. Placing it on the market, wading through the numerous casual inquiries and dead-end negotiations, as well as just finding the right prospective buyer that is actually and interested and capable of purchasing it can seemingly take forever. In fact, several corporate studies have … Read more

Selling a Business

Selling Your Business? Here’s How You Can Prepare

Owning and operating a business is a tough task on its own. Between the constant need to keep up with the production and distribution of products, or scheduling and performance of services, those alone are enough to keep any owner busy all of the time. And that’s not to mention the dozens of other tasks … Read more


The Benefits of Using a Business Broker to Sell Your Company

Selling your business can be overwhelming. When selling your company, you want to make sure you’re getting the money you deserve. If you need help valuing your company and moving through the selling process, think about working with a broker. Read on for the benefits of using a business broker to sell your company.

Selling a Business

How to Hire and Keep Quality Employees in the Long Run

When it comes to running a business, your employees are the heart of your company. You want employees that are high-quality and long-lasting. To learn how to hire and keep quality employees in the long run, keep reading.

What Questions Should You Ask When Buying a Business?

Buying an existing business can have many advantages over starting one yourself. A built-in customer or client base, pre-existing vendor and third-party relationships, as well as employees who are already familiar with the ends and outs of said business can all give you a major head start as opposed to building it from the ground … Read more

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What Should You Evaluate When Buying a Business?

Buying or selling a business can be extremely difficult, and in all honesty, incredibly frustrating as well. There are so many legal stipulations, negotiations, and various other things that go along with such a monumental arrangement that many people end up costing themselves countless sums of money because they were either unaware of certain opportunities … Read more

Selling Your Business near Sarasota? Consider These Issues

Selling a business can be a terrifying prospect. Often the result of many hours of sweat, blood, and tears, your business is something you want to ensure you are adequately compensated for. Our seasoned experts have compiled a list of things to consider when selling your business.

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Buyers Want to See This When You’re Selling Your Business

Deciding to sell a business is a huge step for any owner. Here at Hallmark Business Brokers, we want to help make the process as seamless and rewarding as possible. If you follow this guide and attain our services when looking for the right buyer, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect match.


5 Reasons Why Franchises are Great Businesses to Buy

If you are interested in buying an existing business, and particularly if you are a first-time buyer, you should seriously consider buying a franchise. There are many good reasons why buying a franchise is a sound financial decision, and here are five of them.

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A Business Sale Could Excite the Employees

Business owners who have decided to sell their business may be concerned about whether their employees will react negatively to the news of the sale and leave for other jobs. Although this concern is warranted, in many cases the sale of a business may create a feeling of excitement for employees. Here’s why: