Selling a Business

Is an SBA Loan Best for Buying a Buiness?

This may not seem like the best time to buy a business, but there are a lot of people who buy and make businesses successful during the most trying of times. Many great businesses were founded during the worst times, such as the Great Depression. If you are looking to buy a business, you may … Read more

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Reselling a Franchise? Follow These Steps

Franchise opportunities give you a chance to dip your feet into the business world using someone else’s name and business plan. Franchises give you a framework to do business, and resources you wouldn’t have if you struck out on your own. We love franchises, but we also know that a lot of entrepreneurs eventually want … Read more

Buying or Selling a Business

Is Now the Time to Sell Your Business?

If you’re a business owner, the thought of selling your business has likely crossed your mind. If you are considering selling your business now more than ever, it may be time to do so. To learn more about how to tell if it is time to sell your business, keep reading.

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What You Need to Know Before Buying an HVAC Business

One of the most longed for systems in a building is a temperature-controlled and air-quality system. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are used in both commercial and residential buildings. HVAC systems are in high demand year-round. If you are thinking of buying an HVAC business, this is an excellent industry to get into. … Read more

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5 Expert Tips for Selling a Beauty Salon

Salons are wonderful places to rest and relax and to be pampered. However, there may come a time when you are ready to try something different. If you are ready to sell your salon, there are some things you need to do first to prepare. Here are five tips to help you prepare to sell … Read more


5 Must-Ask Questions to Help Your Hire a Business Broker

When selling your business, a business broker can act as an intermediary between you and the buyer. This can reduce uncertainty throughout the transaction and make it less overwhelming. However, not all business brokerage firms are alike, and it’s essential to know these 5 must-ask questions to help you find the right business broker for … Read more

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Starting a Business vs. Buying a Franchise

If you are considering going into business you may be wondering whether it makes more sense to start a business from scratch, buy an existing business, or buy a franchise from an existing entity. Although the lure may be strong to start your own business, the reality is that about two-thirds of all new businesses … Read more


Four Significant Issues to Consider When Selling Your Business

Selling a business can be quite complex. That’s why it’s extremely important to work with an expert, an experienced business broker who can help you navigate this potentially overwhelming process.

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Think Like a Buyer When Selling Your Business

Selling a business is most times a fairly complicated and drawn-out process. Placing it on the market, wading through the numerous casual inquiries and dead-end negotiations, as well as just finding the right prospective buyer that is actually and interested and capable of purchasing it can seemingly take forever. In fact, several corporate studies have … Read more

Selling a Business

Selling Your Business? Here’s How You Can Prepare

Owning and operating a business is a tough task on its own. Between the constant need to keep up with the production and distribution of products, or scheduling and performance of services, those alone are enough to keep any owner busy all of the time. And that’s not to mention the dozens of other tasks … Read more