What is Your Exit Strategy?

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A ‘question’ every business owner needs to ask themselves is “When do I know it’s time to sell?”. The second question they should be asking is “What is my exit strategy when I decide it’s time?” Every successful business owner would like that success to go on forever, but reality doesn’t work that way. Family issues, a changing economy, even the demographics of the area where you have your business can affect you in ways you can’t anticipate today.

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Hallmark Business Brokers Inc. are different from other brokers you may have used. Our intent is to get to know you so we can help fit you to a perfect business opportunity, or find you a great buyer if you are selling your business.

Five More Questions to Ask Before Listing With a Broker!

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As part two to our discussion about choosing a business broker, you first should decide not to sell your business on your own. There are many legal and financial pitfalls when attempting to market a commercial business, and you should not go it on your own. Now that you have decided to use a business broker, you need to find one who will work on your behalf to get you a proper buyer and the right price. Here are some more questions to ask a prospective broker before signing a sales contract with them.

Five Questions to Ask Before Listing With a Broker!

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There are two mistakes you can make when it is time to sell your business; selling it on your own, and using an unqualified or inexperienced business broker. If you decide you should use a business broker, here are five questions you should ask of any prospective broker before you give them your business.