Using a Business Broker vs. Selling a Business Yourself

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Selling a business can be a very complex process. Along with trying to find prospective buyers, you also need to determine a value of your business based on market facts rather than the emotions of what the business means to you. This is a good time to employ the assistance of a business broker who can separate themselves from the emotions of selling a business and help eliminate roadblocks to getting your business sold.

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When selling a business, there are many steps in the process that can be difficult for a business owner to handle, including:

  • Listing the business for sale
  • Developing a sales price
  • Finding prospective buyers
  • Maintaining confidentiality of the sale
  • Developing a sales contract
  • Handling other aspects of the sale, such as financing

Very few business owners have the expertise to handle all these issues while still running their business. A business broker takes over the responsibility for all aspects of the sale so the owner can concentrate on business matters. Experienced brokers will have some prospective buyers already known to them, but also have the tools to market the sale while protecting the confidentiality of the seller and their business financials.

Some of the benefits of using a business broker include:

  • Removing emotions from the sales process
  • Understanding current market conditions
  • The ability to value businesses both large and small
  • Conducting buyer searches
  • Maintaining confidentiality throughout the sales process
  • Helping the business owner overcome obstacles such as poor record keeping, incomplete financial reports, and other issues

When it is time to sell a business, owners should consider a business broker to help streamline and expedite the sale. Hallmark Business Brokers is experienced in business sales transactions for all types of businesses and can help you overcome the many barriers to a successful sale. Contact Hallmark Business Brokers today for a consultation.