The Downside of Selling Someone Else’s Product

Sarasota Consultant | Florida Business Brokerage

Are you tempted to resell someone else’s product to boost your top line revenue?

On the surface, becoming a distributor for a popular product can appear to be a simple way to grow your sales—simply find something that is already proven to be successful elsewhere and negotiate the rights to sell it in your local market.

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What Goes into a Business Valuation?

Charlotte County Option of Value | Florida Business Brokerage

It is often necessary to determine the value of a business, such as when courting investors or preparing it for sale. The specific process for determining the value of a business varies and can be achieved through a range of methods that we will review here. All of these methods fall under three common approaches that we will examine in detail.

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What Is An Exit Strategy?

Sarasota Sell A Business | Manatee County Financial Corporation

While every business owner initially enters the market with a plan to start and survive, many business owners miss out on a critical part of their planning early on: what will happen when I cannot (or ideally choose not) to continue with this business? Whether you succeed beyond all expectations with your business and are looking to sell or hand over management, or if the unfortunate and unexpected occurs and you are no longer able to continue, appropriate planning can save all manner of headaches… and money.

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What Should I Expect During Due Diligence?

Florida Management Consultant | Sarasota County Business for Sale

Now that you have signed a contract to purchase a business, you enter the due diligence phase. This is a negotiated term of typically 14 to 30 days during which the buyer arranges to perform needed inspections, review titles and deeds, negotiate repairs, and even decide if you want to continue with the purchase depending on issues found during the process.

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Using a Business Broker vs. Selling a Business Yourself

Florida Management Consultant | Sarasota Sell a Business

Selling a business can be a very complex process. Along with trying to find prospective buyers, you also need to determine a value of your business based on market facts rather than the emotions of what the business means to you. This is a good time to employ the assistance of a business broker who can separate themselves from the emotions of selling a business and help eliminate roadblocks to getting your business sold.

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What is Your Exit Strategy?

Manatee County Business for Sale | Sarasota Consultant

A ‘question’ every business owner needs to ask themselves is “When do I know it’s time to sell?”. The second question they should be asking is “What is my exit strategy when I decide it’s time?” Every successful business owner would like that success to go on forever, but reality doesn’t work that way. Family issues, a changing economy, even the demographics of the area where you have your business can affect you in ways you can’t anticipate today.

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Five More Questions to Ask Before Listing With a Broker!

Sarasota Consultant | Pinellas County Value my Business

As part two to our discussion about choosing a business broker, you first should decide not to sell your business on your own. There are many legal and financial pitfalls when attempting to market a commercial business, and you should not go it on your own. Now that you have decided to use a business broker, you need to find one who will work on your behalf to get you a proper buyer and the right price. Here are some more questions to ask a prospective broker before signing a sales contract with them.

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Welcome to Hallmark Business Brokers Inc.!

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Hallmark Business Brokers Inc. are different from other brokers you may have used. Our intent is to get to know you so we can help fit you to a perfect business opportunity, or find you a great buyer if you are selling your business.

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