Increasing Business Value

Every business owner is plagued with the question of whether or not it’s time to sell at some point. Sometimes it’s because of a financial struggle, other times it’s the lack of availability to run such a large project on your own day in and day out.

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The Value Builder System™

Growing a business can be a challenging process. Several factors can drive the growth of your enterprise and know what to look for is the key to financial success. Luckily, we at Hallmark Business Brokers have a tried and true method of tackling your business model and improving its value.

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How Do Others View Your Business?

Sell Florida Business | Sarasota Valuation

In the online era, potential customers have easy to access to your business reviews. Previous guests and clients can leave online reviews and companies dedicated to customer service can evaluate your business for others to see. It’s important to take note of how your products or services are received by guests.

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The Anatomy of a Successful Exit

Florida Management Consultant | Manatee County Business for Sale

Stephanie Breedlove started Breedlove & Associates in 1992 as a way to pay her nanny. The big payroll processors weren’t interested in dealing with one person’s wages and doing it themselves was complicated and time-consuming, too much for the then overwhelmed Breedloves.

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The Downside of Selling Someone Else’s Product

Sarasota Consultant | Florida Business Brokerage

Are you tempted to resell someone else’s product to boost your top line revenue?

On the surface, becoming a distributor for a popular product can appear to be a simple way to grow your sales—simply find something that is already proven to be successful elsewhere and negotiate the rights to sell it in your local market.

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What Goes into a Business Valuation?

Charlotte County Option of Value | Florida Business Brokerage

It is often necessary to determine the value of a business, such as when courting investors or preparing it for sale. The specific process for determining the value of a business varies and can be achieved through a range of methods that we will review here. All of these methods fall under three common approaches that we will examine in detail.

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What is Your Exit Strategy?

Manatee County Business for Sale | Sarasota Consultant

A ‘question’ every business owner needs to ask themselves is “When do I know it’s time to sell?”. The second question they should be asking is “What is my exit strategy when I decide it’s time?” Every successful business owner would like that success to go on forever, but reality doesn’t work that way. Family issues, a changing economy, even the demographics of the area where you have your business can affect you in ways you can’t anticipate today.

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Five More Questions to Ask Before Listing With a Broker!

Sarasota Consultant | Pinellas County Value my Business

As part two to our discussion about choosing a business broker, you first should decide not to sell your business on your own. There are many legal and financial pitfalls when attempting to market a commercial business, and you should not go it on your own. Now that you have decided to use a business broker, you need to find one who will work on your behalf to get you a proper buyer and the right price. Here are some more questions to ask a prospective broker before signing a sales contract with them.

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