Hallmark Business Brokers is Your Certified Value Builder

If you’re looking to sell your business at some point in the future, it’s important to keep track of your company’s statistics. Know how much money you’re bringing in, as well as how much money you’re spending. This can help you determine the value of your business. The value of your business is how much your business is worth once it’s time to sell. For help determining the value of your business, Hallmark Business Brokers is your certified Value Builder.

On the Hallmark Broker’s website, we offer a Value Builder System. This system can help you determine the value of your business in only a matter of minutes. Our 13-minute survey determines your Value Builder Score. This score, which is out of 100, helps you understand the offers you will receive when it’s time to sell your company. Businesses with a score of 80 or more typically get offers that are 71 percent higher than average scoring businesses.

The Value Builder System is free and 100 percent confidential. Once you’ve received your results, it’s time to think about some things. Are you ready to sell, or do you want to work on the value of your business more to increase your Value Builder score? If you do want to sell now, do you have the time in your schedule? Selling a business, which you also own, takes a lot of time and energy. You may want to consider hiring a manager to help you run the company as you move through the selling process. During the selling process, you can also work with Hallmark Business Brokers to receive guidance and extra help. We can connect you to buyers, help you get the purchase price you deserve, and help you navigate the critical selling steps. To learn more about our services and to schedule a consultation, give us a call at 941-445-4726 today!