How Much is My Business Worth?

All business owners think their business is priceless, but the reality is a business is only worth what someone is willing to pay. The difficulty can be trying to determine a realistic value of a business and finding a buyer willing to pay that amount. This where Hallmark Business Brokers can assist you. We can help you value your business and connect you to serious buyers.

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Selling your business short term — Hallmark Business Brokers can help you enhance the sales potential of your business with the “Value Builder” process. This interactive tool gives you a comprehensive analysis of your business from the perspective of a buyer. We also offer a 13-minute survey that will result in a 28-page report discussing the value drivers of your business.

Once the value of your business is determined, Hallmark Business Brokers will work with you to develop a marketing plan and bring you qualified buyers for consideration. We can also make suggestions on ways to present your business in the most positive light to gain the most value.

Selling your business long term — Business owners should always run their operation with the intent to sell, whether it is soon or years away. An owner should never operate without an exit plan and the knowledge of how to get the most value for their business. The Value Builder process can again be useful. It can help define both areas where your business or its products are attractive to buyers and where you may need to pay attention to prevent loss of business value. Once again Hallmark Business Brokers can assist you with understanding ways to improve your business value and make that exit plan a reality whenever you desire.

Whether you intend to sell your business now or later, let Hallmark Business Brokers help you through the complex selling process. You can move on or retire knowing your business is in the hands of a capable buyer who values what you have built.

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