How You Can be a Great Leader in Uncertain Times

Many people believed that when 2020 changed over into 2021, things would change. However, we are still in the middle of a pandemic, and in the middle of financial hard times. Your employees are frightened, and they are looking to you for guidance. Here are some tips for leading your business through a crisis.

Tips for Crisis Management

First, many businesses are operating remotely–if not fully remote, they are partially remote. Be sure that you are a good leader for remote working. Be available, but don’t try to micromanage your employees. They need to know you still value them, and depend on them. Clearly express a timeline for goals and projects to be completed.

Also, keep in mind that during this time of crisis, flexibility is a must. You need to understand that your employees have a lot on their plate with family obligations and work obligations competing for their attention. Your employees may be trying to work as well as care for their children who are learning virtually, for example. Be sure you communicate that you can be flexible and understanding of their work time.

Above all, make sure you communicate effectively. It can be difficult to check your tone online, but you need to practice. This is especially important, because you won’t be able to follow up with your employees online the way you can in person. If there is a communication issue, fix it as soon as possible. Model great communication techniques with your employees.

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