Network Better at Events with These Tips

If you’re a business owner, then you’re already familiar with the process of networking to help build your brand and make contacts within the industry. Meeting and knowing the right people can mean the difference between success and failure. While the business world has plenty of people who are cut-throat and competitive, you don’t need to stoop to the level of a buccaneer to get ahead on the game. We’ve compiled a shortlist of methods to be mindful of when you’re trying to grow your business.


As any college student who regularly attends lectures can confirm, listening is one of the best methods of learning. Simply listening and forgoing the urge to talk can provide you with a wealth of information from people who are experienced. Sometimes talking too much can lead to self-sabotage, so it’s best to mind your behavior.

Business Should Not Be the Only Topic

This is a mistake that many have fallen prey to. Yes, you’re there to network and make connections in the industry. But only discussing business can make you seem overly ambitious and robotic. Occasionally branching out into different topics will show people that you have outside interests and a personality. You’ll find this is a good way to break the ice with people you’ve never met before.

Quality Not Quantity

The phrase “quality over quantity” has long been associated with both the business world as well as marketing, but can be applied to several different situations. When networking, don’t think of it as a marathon where you’re competing to talk to an exorbitant amount of people. Focus on a few conversations and cultivate them as much as you can. Talking with just one person with vital information is better than several who offer mundane insights.

Remember to Follow Up

Establishing new relationships and networking is a great way to succeed. One of the most important aspects to remember is the follow-up. This is a great way to cement new relationships. It also shows your new contact that you remember what the two of you talked about and that you valued the conversation.

“One Word Benjamin…Flexibility”

Think of a hot-air balloon. It’s free to go where it pleases during flight because it’s not tied down with ropes. This applies to the business world just as much. Being flexible as a business owner will allow you to “go with the flow” and navigate the potential obstacles that come your way. But most important of all, be genuine in your interactions.

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