Selling Processes

Thinking About Selling Your Business?
Here are 7 Vital Steps to Follow

Selling a business can seem overwhelming. At Hallmark Business Brokers, we understand the range of emotions that go with selling your labor of love, and that’s why we’re here to guide you through the process.

Read the checklist below and follow these 7 tested steps to accomplish your goal of selling and profiting from your business.

Step 1

Before you do anything, make sure you want to sell your business. Not sure? Call or email us at Hallmark Business Brokers and we’ll answer your questions and help you find out if now is a good time to sell.

Step 2
Once you’re ready to sell your business, meet with an agent. An agent will work alongside you to help you define your selling needs.

Step 3
Find out what your business is truly worth. Before you can put a price on your company, you’ll want to determine its value. How do you do that? Take our 13 minute confidential and protected survey. You’ll learn more about your company and how the selling process works. After you finish the survey, you’ll receive an extensive 28 page report on all the value drivers of your business.

Step 4
Who should you be marketing your business toward? We’ll help you answer that question, and we’ll show you how to create a marketing plan. By doing this, you will funnel targeted potential buyers who are interested in and will inquire about your business.

Step 5
Start meeting with potential buyers by working with Hallmark Business Brokers. We strive to qualify all of our buyers before they meet with you. This helps to save you time. How do you know the process is secure? Buyers you work with sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect your confidentiality.

Step 6
Once you’ve found the right buyer, Hallmark Business Brokers will help you negotiate a potential sale. During this process, we also confirm your buyer’s financial and business records.

Step 7
Congratulations! The last step in selling your business is meeting at the closing table. In this final step, you will pass your business over to the new buyer and receive the funds you deserve.

To enjoy this simple and hassle-free selling process, reach out to Hallmark Business Brokers today!

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