The Value Builder System™

Growing a business can be a challenging process. Several factors can drive the growth of your enterprise and know what to look for is the key to financial success. Luckily, we at Hallmark Business Brokers have a tried and true method of tackling your business model and improving its value. We proudly introduce to you the Value Builder System.

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The Value Builder System relies on an innovative scoring method to provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your business. Using the interactive Value Builder tool, you’ll receive a score based on the eight key drivers of value. Set on a scale of 0-100, the information derived from this score is statistically proven to increase the value of your company.

Following your initial scoring, there are five additional areas of interest that we review and share with you. The following is a brief synopsis of each:

Scalability Finder – By analyzing your business, we will identify your products and services that have the ability to scale quickly. Improving on these key items will help you grow your company while minimizing its dependence on you. This increase in earnings and decrease in personal effort translates to greater overall efficiency.

Customer Score – Utilizing a customized survey, we will develop a reliable view of your business as seen through the eyes of your customers. Each survey uses a series of questions that have been proven to be predictive of a company’s growth rate. Additionally, we can incorporate custom questions that will query your specific points of interest. Knowing how your customers perceive your business is the key to finding and improving on problem areas.

Growth Quad – Similar to the scalability finder, this exercise will locate the areas of your business that have the greatest potential for growth while simultaneously carrying the least investment risk. Identifying these areas will allow your business to grow faster with minimal risk.

The Automatic Customer Builder – Varying levels of demand over time can create uncertainty in the minds of potential buyers trying to establish the value of your business. Identifying long-term recurring sources of revenue is the key to streamlining your business and limiting variations in demand. Demonstrating that your business makes a steady stream of reliable income decreases risk for potential buyers and increase the value of the business overall. Additionally, your business will become more efficient and experience greater cash flow.

The Monopoly Control – This exercise will locate the attributes of your business that makes it unique and valuable to customers. By identifying these components, you can reinforce them and ensure that you remain sufficiently different from your competitors in ways that are meaningful to your customers. Locking in your market position will demonstrate to potential buyers that your business can hold its own, decreasing their investment risk and improving value.

The exercises and tools mentioned above are only a small portion of the comprehensive experience you can expect from the Value Builder System. Several of these modules are recurring, allowing us to help you adjust and refine your business as the market changes. The Value Builder System is statistically proven to improve your business value and we at Hallmark Brokers are dedicated to helping you maximize your potential. If you are interested in learning more about this process, please feel free to contact us at (941) 445-4726. We look forward to serving you.

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